By far our most popular procedure, our mission is to provide affordable spaying and neutering options for all residents of Los Angeles County.

Conveniently located within a 3 mile radius of the 210, 405, 118, 5, and 170 freeways, PACOIMA PET CLINIC is just minutes away from wherever you call home.

13283 Van Nuys Blvd. Pacoima, CA 91331

Research has shown that cats provide emotional support, improve moods, and contribute to the overall morale of their owners. Cats make great companions and are credited with promoting socialization among the elderly and physically or mentally disabled people. Estimates show nearly 40 million households in the United States have pet cats.

General Exams

 Whether your pet is in need of serious medical attention or you just want to make sure your pet is in good health, come on by and take advantage of our low-cost Doctor's exams.

Are you looking to adopt a dog or cat? Let us teach you what to look for when searching for the perfect pet, and ways to ensure your new pet's health and safety.

Emergency Surgeries

Sometimes things occur that we simply cannot foresee. If your pet is in need of emergency services, we can help you. Together, we will get through it.


PACOIMA PET CLINIC is a full service pet hospital that is devoted to the overall health and well being of your pet. While we specialize in spays and neuters, we also provide high-quality, advanced treatment for all of your pet's medical needs. From vaccinations for dogs and cats to emergency surgeries, we at PACOIMA PET CLINIC are dedicated to giving your animal the compassion he/she deserves. You can trust that your pet is safe in our hands.


Low Cost Veterinary Services

Have a question? Give us a call!

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 Just like children, it is extremely important to keep your pet's shots up to date. We offer low-cost vaccination services with no appointment necessary. 

 Dogs not only provide comfort and companionship, but several studies have found that dogs decrease stress and promote relaxation. Dogs have positive impacts on nearly all life stages. They influence social, emotional, and cognitive development in children, promote an active lifestyle, and have even been able to detect oncoming epileptic seizures or the presence of certain cancers. 


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